Upload a bot on the platform

Upload a Bot on the platform

The final task to make your platform ready is to upload a bot you have created.

Follow the same method used for the volmdlr and dessia_common packages.

To install the Knapsack Problem Bot, follow the steps listed here.


  1. First, go to Application in the Admin section.

Create app

  1. Click on CREATE APP and select Use git distribution since the Knapsack Problem Bot is on GitHub.

Git distribution

  1. Enter the URL address of the Git repository (https://github.com/Dessia-tech/tutorials (opens in a new tab)) and fill in the other fields. We want to specify the "main" branch in our case.

Bot uploaded

  1. A new application will appeared in the list. Click on it, select the version, and click the Update tutorials button.

Bot updated

  1. Finally, restart the platform by clicking the Restart platform button or going to the Admin tab, selecting Actions, and then Restart platform.

If your package is not on git, you can create a wheel file and upload it directly onto the platform.

Your platform is now ready to be used!